Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner

Blue Gold Cleaner Great Results!

Blue Gold Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser will replace virtually ALL of your other cleaning products.

You can safely use it for Industrial OR home use.   I use it all over my house as an all-purpose cleaner  and I love not having to worry about safety around my pets or family.  Just as an example, I spilled a bottle of olive oil all over my ceramic tile floor in the kitchen.  What a MESS!!  Normally this would take quite a long time to clean up.  I sopped up all the excess oil, sprayed my 5% solution (1.6 oz Blue Gold to one quart of water) on the floor and in ONE WIPE it was completely gone!  I swear by it…and you should too!

So what is Blue Gold Cleaner?

BLUE GOLD is a liquid, water soluble, biodegradable concentrate used for cleaning and degreasing parts and equipment. This single solution, used in varying concentrations with water, can replace half a dozen or more other products, many of them hazardous and expensive, which must ordinarily be kept on hand in large amounts.

BLUE GOLD is non-toxic, non-flammable and noncorrosive. It is rust inhibitive, stable in long-term storage, and is not damaged by freezing.

As a safe alternative to caustics, acids and chemical solvents, BLUE GOLD is and extremely effective way to reduce accidents and injuries on the job site. And many insurance companies offer lower liability and accident rates to companies using safe, non-toxic cleaners like BLUE GOLD CLEANER.

How does it work?

As opposed to “eating” contamination off material, like hazardous acids and caustics, BLUE GOLD gets under the contamination and lifts it off. And the BLUE GOLD solution is completely safe while in use and is safe for the environment when disposal is required. BLUE GOLD degreases as well as any chlorinated hydrocarbon does and cleans much better than any similar products we have ever encountered.

BLUE GOLD CLEANER is also AFFORDABLE!  Because it is super-concentrated, you use less of the solution.  Just as an example, to make one gallon of window cleaner, it takes one TEASPOON of BLUE GOLD CLEANER mixed with one gallon of water.  That’s it!

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Joy Braziel

Kinetic Improvement, Inc.